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NRscape: Coming Soon™️ (?)

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 My (H)Moderator Application as of *07-01-2010

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PostSubject: My (H)Moderator Application as of *07-01-2010   7/5/2010, 4:13 pm

How long have you been playing, NRscape?I have been
playing Nrscape for about 1 month.

2. Are you self controlled?
Yes, i am self-controlled i manage to keep me from
raging and flaming by ignoring the people making me mad.

What position are you applying for? I am applying
for in-game (H)Moderator.

4. Do you think you deserve that
position? Yes, i think i deserve this (H)Moderator
position, so i could have more of an opportunity to help people, as they
will know i am staff, and that they can trust me for help if they need

5. If yes, why? If no, why not? Yes, I
am very active, im on atleast 2 or more hours a day, and i like to help
people, and make them want to play longer, also i try to get people to
vote so we on the top #20s
maybe even the top #10s

What will you do if you obtain the rank? If i
obtain (H)Moderator Rank, i will do my best to help out alot more, and
stop rulebreakers.

7. You do understand that by making an
application, that does not guarantee you the right to a spot: Yes i do understand that, Me(1234monk3), will guarantee me
getting an Staff position.

8. Any P.S. things you want to type
Nop nothing else Smile

My (H)Moderator Application as of *07-01-2010

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