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 fisik app

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PostSubject: fisik app   7/30/2010, 10:34 pm

. How long have you been playing, NRscape?
well i have been like 2 weeks and it the only serve i have stay so long

2. Are you self controlled?
yes am pretty much controlled and i do not abuse of my powers

3. What position are you applying for?
Mod and i know u have to be first mod to be admin

4. Do you think you deserve that position?
yes thats why am app cause and generus and helpfull and also i think that not what it matters what it matters is playing
and to logalty to the game

5. If yes, why? If no, why?
yes, because not even i like this sevrer but i think am fair am helpfull and i dont abuse of my power i have been mod in other serves

6. What will you do if you obtain the rank?
well first i will be friends with every one for them to pm what they need then i will banned this spamers and get items to people that need it i think i will explore more the world

7. You do understand that by making an application, that does not guarantee you the right to a spot:
i get it and i also get that abusing my powers will get me mute or reseted

8. Any P.S. things you want to type in:
well i will like to say that i have been mod on boxrune and i know the rules for been and mod or admind, i also log in most of the time i play nrscape once i woke up then i got to school and after doing my hw, i get in am like 12/7 i also am very friendly but i dont like people that keep saying hey give me some thing give me something ugh, i help people that need it. i dont abuse of any one and am 23 years old for you guys to know in take the game seriuos i will like u guys to take my App Under consideration.

fisik app

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