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NRscape: Coming Soon™️ (?)

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PostSubject: Ideas   7/21/2011, 7:29 pm


Boss Type: Range

Description: A dungeoneering boss called Sagittare.
He uses multiple attacks such as:

■Regular single-targeted ranged arrow attack

■Magic multi arrows - Targets all players.

■Arrow-rain - Arrows fall from the sky as he teleports and deals unblockable damage to anyone standing within 2 squares of the initial location.This can be successfully avoided if you react quickly enough and move out of the targeted area. Anyone hit by the attack is bound to the ground for a short time and cannot run for a short time after.

His loot will be full pernix armour and a hexhunter bow. (Pictures and links included)

The Boss


Links to Stats of loot.

Boss type: Magic

Description: A dungeoneering boss called Astea Frostweb

Her main attacks are Ice Barrage, which freezes the player temporarily (though for less time than a normal Ice Barrage spell), and a spike attack which targets all players. The spike attack appears as icy spikes growing on the ground and deals damage whenever the player cannot move away quickly enough. The damage from the spike attack is not classified as any specific type of damage, and subsequently cannot be blocked with protection prayers. Protect from Magic should be used to nullify the damage from Ice Barrage. Prayer flashing is possible if you can anticipate her offensive casts, but difficult to use due to her irregular attack speed.

Astea summons ice spiders, the levels of which are determined by the raid's average level and difficulty. She summons two per person, for up to 10 at once for a party of five. If you're alone she can summon up to 6 spiders; however, it is possible that she doesn't summon any at all, especially when she is fought on the first floor. Astea will summon more spiders to attack players with Protect from Melee activated.

The loot will be full virtus, chaotic staff (or some dung staffs if ya want)

The Boss

The Loot

And im sure you know what a fucking chao staff is.


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PostSubject: Re: Ideas   9/1/2011, 9:16 pm



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