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 NRscape [718/742] Basic Guide

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PostSubject: NRscape [718/742] Basic Guide   6/20/2014, 1:53 am

Here's a general guide to your first few hours on NRscape.

1) Go to ::Train to get your combat skills up to 92 (excluding prayer)
2) Go to ::Statues for easy GP + a chance at decent equipment
3) Go to ::KBD or ::KQ to get GP & better equipment
4) Buy Bones (normal) to get 43 prayer
5) Go to God Wars bosses to get better equipment
6) Go to ::DT for the gem drops
7) Do whatever you want from there

Step 3 could be skipped if you don't mind fighting the GW bosses with dragon armor (or whatever set you're using). Step 2 is important because there is no GP that comes along with the starter. No GP = No way to buy food. Step 2 is preferred over step 3 because KBD & KQ are group bosses. Prayer's extremely slow if you're training it through normal means, but it's less than half an hour for 43.

NRscape [718/742] Basic Guide

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