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NRscape: Coming Soon™️ (?)

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 Application to Apply for Mod or Admin!

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PostSubject: Application to Apply for Mod or Admin!   6/24/2010, 10:00 pm

1. How long have you been playing, NRscape?
2 Days Lol Started Yesterday T.T.

2. Are you self controlled?
Yes if some1 talks crap i just ignore them cuz im used to it from playing FPS's.

3. What position are you applying for?
Mod or Admin doesnt matter.

4. Do you think you deserve that position?
Sure i can help and since i like this server but -cough- -cough- lil perverted -cough- -cough- uhh i have a cold. Smile

5. If yes, why? If no, why not?
Well i would try to help to make the server better get it to the top somehow. Smile

6. What will you do if you obtain the rank?
I would be VERY active on forums and ingame to try and help.

7. You do understand that by making an application, that does not guarantee you the right to a spot:
Yes i understand alot cuz just because u apply you dont automatically get Mod,Admin, Or any staff position.

8. Any P.S. things you want to type in:
Uhh no but this server is fun


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PostSubject: Re: Application to Apply for Mod or Admin!   6/25/2010, 7:54 am

DENIED, you'vep layed too short

and i'm not gonna bother scoring this one but if i did it'd probably be a 0 rofl... you put no effort into this... you lazy selfish bastard you just want a rank... you fucking dont understand how hard others have waited and worked for it...


Application to Apply for Mod or Admin!

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