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 Defil3d Ko3d's Application for Head Mod/Mod

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Defil3d Ko3d


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PostSubject: Defil3d Ko3d's Application for Head Mod/Mod   6/26/2010, 4:43 am

1. How long have you been playing, NRscape?
About 2 weeks. Even though my combat level doesn't say that I have decided to be some sort of messed up skiller/hp pure LOL.

2. Are you self controlled?
Yes, I can handle the toughest of situations without losing my temper or abusing my powers.

3. What position are you applying for?
Honurary Moderator.

4. Do you think you deserve that position?
I think I deserve the position because I am a calm, trustworthy player. I will never abuse my powers and will stand up for wrongfully banned/muted players.

5. If yes, why? If no, why not?
I am very experienced and have been Mod/Admin/Head Admin on many other servers including a big one called Runecheck (sadly it got turned off and nearly everyone quit) I will always help other people and if I cannot find the answer to their question I will make it my number one goal to find it! I can make everyone feel happy ingame and forums so that the community will be a "Non-Rulebreaker" one. Respect EVERYONE no matter what their player rights are.

6. What will you do if you obtain the rank?
I will help everyone and never stop until they are satisfied with my help. Socialise with other players instead of being a "pking freak". I have already voted and plan on do it more ( I can vote up to 2 times every other saturday and sunday, since I go to my dads).

7. You do understand that by making an application, that does not guarantee you the right to a spot:
Yes, I do and I will not go and complain if it is denied.

8. Any P.S. things you want to type in:
My hobbies are Soccer, Rugby, Video games, Running and NR-Scape!
I am 15 years old.
I live in the UK, FTW! (shame it rains a lot though Very Happy)
Trevor Philips
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PostSubject: Re: Defil3d Ko3d's Application for Head Mod/Mod   6/29/2010, 8:02 am

are you apply'ing for Head mod, Mod or H mod? Cool

hmm, 2 weeks?

Defil3d Ko3d's Application for Head Mod/Mod

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